Revolutionary 5G and Full Spectrum EMF Protection For Your Body & Home. 

Our Bioplate technology will enhance the body's biophotons, energize your biofield, and harmonize your devices 

All-in-One Benefits.

Protect and Restore Your Body

Condition Your Devices

Portable Protection for Home,
Office & Travel

Harness EMF to be beneficial instead of harmful.

Feeling overwhelmed by increasing EMF exposure ?

What Does Your Optimal EMF Solution Look Like ?

  • One portable device for protecting people and pets, home, office or travel     
  • Provide your body with an ocean of coherent photons to optimize function
  • No need to alter your life. Easy to integrate into your lifestyle and enjoy benefits while you live normally. 
  • No power or recharging required ever. 100% powered by photons  for a lifetime of healthy benefits.
  • Safe for all ages - from conception to 130+yrs of age
  • No side effects. The bioplates and pendant can be worn or used 24/7 
  • Safe for those with medical challenges, implants, devices, taking medication, or therapies.
  • Portable size yet powerful enough for personal use, protecting home and conditioning your devices.
  • Additional larger and smaller companion devices available to increase and personalize your protection. 
  • Have confidence that you are protected wherever you go. 
  • TSA approved for carry-on. 
  • The only EMF product that balances biophotons and ions realtime - blocking both Electrical & Magnetic frequencies around your body.
  • Our plasmonic R&D technology has been in development for over 30 years, Our new  M3 & M5 Bioplates are our 4th generation versions, capable of neutralizing full spectrum EMF including 5G and beyond. 

Make Your Home an EMF Free, Garden of Eden Oasis.

 BioPlate Technology

One Device, Many Benefits.

  • Bioplates work using surface plasmons - conditioning photons and electrons to be coherent. This is not woowoo science - biophonics and surface plasmons are established, well researched, fields of science.
  • Our products are using a proprietary process to enhance a natural phenomenon and because it is based on re-balancing nature, there are no negative side effects.
  • Bioplates are re-balancing and harmonizing natural biophotonic processes so that biological systems no longer “see” unnatural manmade frequencies.
  • Bioplates are safe for people; newborns to seniors, pets of all sizes, all of nature- indoors and out.
  • Enjoy the benefits as the Bioplates create an effect not unlike transporting your biosystems back over 200 years, before toxins, electricity and manmade frequencies poisoned our environment.
  • The benefits experienced are a restoration of what was possible and common in days before manmade frequency chaos.


  • Create the neutral, natural environment that allows the body to restore, renew and function in an optimal way. 
  • Provide your body with an ocean of coherent frequencies to optimize function
  • Reducing suppresive effects of EMF allow oxygen molecules to better bind to red blood cells and this allows for increased oxygenation and circulation.
  • Reduce stress caused by harmful electromagnetic radiation so you can move better, think clearer, sleep sounder and recovery quicker.
  • Safe for all ages - from conception to 130+yrs of age

Biohackers & Athlete Performance

  • Increased oxygen saturation
  • Increased blood circulation 
  • Deeper breathing with increased lung capacity use. Better more restrative sleep
  • Faster muscle response and muscle  recovery.   
  • Beneficial for Biohackers who want to naturally enhance  and optimize their bodies. 
  • Take your performance to the next level
  • Drink the benefits: Bioplates structure water which can bring the benefits directly  into the body.  Supercharge your water intake.

Home & Devices

  • One device for protecting your living space or while traveling or at the office.     
  • Treat appliances, clothing accessories, jewelry, watches, furniture etc. Anything that may have a latent EMF signature can be made biocompatitible.
  • Coupled with the photon enhancer the Bioplates will condition incoming radiation from AC electricity, cellular  and wireless, all in realtime. Make 5G biocompatible. 
  • Bioplate require no power or recharging. 100% Powered by photons with a lifetime power guarantee.
  • Make your home an EMF oasis

M5 Bioplates Product Spotlight:

Personal EMF protection.      

Balance Home/Office & Travel

Condition Your Devices 

The M5 Bioplate is a 5” 5-stack of 1mm surgical stainless steel plates.
It measures  approx. 4 3/4” square is 3/8” thick and weighs 25oz. 

  •  Completely natural, non-invasive technology. Bioplates are powered by light particles. No need to be connected to the grid. No batteries, recharging or electricity required to power the units.
  • Emits millions of balanced harmonic freqencies that your body and nature thrive on. The body can choose what it needs and in the intensity it needs it. 
  • Unlike other devices like PEMF machines that push frequencies the body may not need or over-excite cells, Bioplates allow the body to self regulate its exposure.
  • Benefits include increased oxygenation, reduced inflammation, better circulation.  Balances the body by also providing the grounding effects of the Schumann resonance. 
  •  Can be worn on the body or sit on the bedside table. Close proximity conditions the heart and lungs and the oxygenated blood carries the benefits throughout the body
  •  Put the Bioplates under your pillow or set on the bedside table pointing at your body, or position under your torso to create a BioMed-Bed experience
  •  Very calming during emotional events, therapy, flying, trauma recovery, massage or medical/dental appointments, even those with autism.  
  •  Place under your leg facing up in the car and it will condition the vehicle and passengers so that you arrive alert and refreshed. Reduce car sickness and fatigue. Great for long trips or stressful commutes.
  • Excellent for lymes, diabetes, autism, ADHD, fiber myalgia, auto-immune diseases, calming for anxiety and PTSD. 
  •  Safe for use while taking any medications. Beneficial for those with system toxicity from injections or chronic diseases.  
  •  Safe for all ages including pregnant moms and newborns.   
  •  Safe and non-reactive with metal implants, medical devices, pacemakers,  
  • EMF Balancing - Biofield stabilizing. Helps create cellular coherence,                  For the brain-  thinking, focus and creativity are enhanced.
  • Great for creating a relaxing environment for customers in stores, physical therapy and massage clients. Balances ions in fitness clubs, Yoga studios and offices. 
  • Restores ion balance in air & structures water
  • Safe and beneficial for pets of all sizes.

Using The Diffuser To Benefit Your Home Environment

• Place the BioPlate on a table facing up, and place the diffuser on top to begin conditioning your home, The incoming electricity, and any generated wireless EMF will be instantly made biocompatible. Coherent balance effects will extend out of home for approx. 3+ acres, benefiting all of nature - plants, gardens, birds and animals, structuring water & rain and conditioning oxygen molecules. 

Condition Your Devices to be Biocompatible

 • Specifically condition items including your electronic devices, appliances, screens, personal items like glasses and jewelry. 

 • Products hold frequencies from the manufacturing process, and then  continually emit subtle EMR (low radiation frequencies). Using a spray painting motion with the plates pointed at the item from 4"-6"away, go back and forth over the item for about10-20 seconds. This neutralizes and aligns the molecular structure to be biocompatible with your body so that the item no longer causes cell stress. Devices that plug into AC or connect via wireless will become re-infected over time, and will need re-painting to reset them . Re-treat them about every 3-4 weeks. This includes routers, screens, laptops, desktops and cell phones. 

  • Hold the Bioplates vertical or horizontal in your hand, and using a painting motion (back and forth, up and down like you are spray painting), paint over your phone, wi-fi router, jewelry, watches, belt buckets, appliances, bed frames, anything metal or that might hold a charge.  You can also paint over your walls as latex paint often has metallic particles in it.
• Neutralizing your home, office space, or hotel room, conditioning it to be biocompatible can be quick and simple. 

Structuring water in seconds

Painting over cell phone to biocondition it. 

This is the most versatile and powerful tool for personal & environmental EMF protection on the market 

Powered by light. Enjoy the benefits for a lifetime

BioOasis Product Comparison

.    M5 Bioplates       M3 BioplatesPendantQ5 Array
Size5 plates -5"3 plates - 5"1 1/4"12" square x 1.25" tall
Weight25 oz.14 oz1oz9.2 lbs
Benefits Personal 5G protection, plus will condition 2200 sq ft home  & 2 acres outdoorsPersonal 5G protection, condition devices, structure water Gentle rebuilding. Slower Restoration of body Balance +3 miles of 5G protection. Large footprint of protection. Homes, schools, commercial buildings,


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