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Benefits of BioOasis BioPlates & Pendants

Condition Your Environment

Bio Oasis products neutralize, at the molecular level, both the electric & magnetic field interference. By creating a quiet, coherent environment, biological systems can resume working as nature intended. ​Results: Your body doesn't see EMF stress. Less stress equals happy cells. Optimal energy. Normal function. Beneficial effects work on people, plants and pets.

Balance Wellness

Wearing or carrying BioPlates or a Pendant on your person will create an oxygen rich environment for your body. Your body responds with better oxygen saturation, blood flow, faster muscle response, and deeper breathes. Beneficial effects are cumulative.

Condition Your Devices

Condition the technology devices you use and are around at home and work. If you can see it , you can condition it. Short exposure to the BioPlates will re-align the molecules so the device (cell phone, router etc) will no longer emit subtle energy that stresses your body's systems. Carry and use your devices with confidence, knowing you are always protected.

Bio Oasis Products

Personal Pendant

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S4 4G BioPlates

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M5 & M3 5G BioPlates

Code is good for any of the M3 or M5 stack bioplates, including the discount bundles.

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