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M3 Bundle: M3 Bioplate & 2 pendants

M3 Bundle: M3 Bioplate & 2 pendants

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M3 Bioplates provide a lifetime of EMF conditioning for you, your loved ones and your home.
The BioPendants provide gentle conditioning and maintenance to hold your progress.   

The Bioplates have three main restorative functions:Your Body, Your Environment and Your Devices.

Reduce stress caused by harmful electromagnetic radiation so you can move better, think clearer, sleep sounder and recovery quicker. To experience restorative energy, point the M5 BioPlates towards you or wear them on your person with our custom vest.Have confidence knowing your body is at peace, shielded from the stressful effects of electromagnetic radiation

The M5 BioPlate kit includes:

• The M5 Bioplates
• 2 necklace Pendants
• A protective hand-pocket to hold the Bioplates
• A flexible mirror sheet - for increasing the benefits 4-fold when conditioning areas of the body
• An ActiveVest for wearing the vest on your body
• An instruction manual 

More info about the Pendants - link

Protect your home:

• Strengthen your biofield & allow your body systems to restore its optimal potential• Balance the EMF environment you are exposed at home and on the go.• Condition any devices so they are now biocompatible. Your cell, laptops, tablets, personal items including jewelry, appliances, furniture, etc

Invest in a lifetime of protection.
Powered by light, the M5 Bioplates can protect and benefit you, your loved ones and your home for decades.

Free shipping in the U.S.

M5 Bioplates provide three levels of benefit; 

1. Protect your home:

Place the M5 Bioplates on a tabletop with the photon enhancer and condition the electricity, wireless and cell interference  Complete coverage for your home/condo/apartment up to 2200+ sq ft.  Protects against 5G, wireless routers, smart-meters, cell signals, radar, micowaves, even  your neighbors EMF.

2. Personal Protection:

Carry the M5 Bioplates with you as you move throughout the day and buffer your environment realtime. Anecdotal feedback from customers: Increased oxygenation and blood flow. Faster muscle response and recovery. Reduced inflammation.  Clearer thinking, better executive functioning, deeper restful sleep, 

3. Condition EMF in  your Devices:

Balances the frequencies in your devices so they are bio-compatible and not harmful  to your body. Condition most anything on-the-go; your devices, tablets, screens, any personal items on or around you that may hold latent EMF. Condition your friends and loved ones phones and devices to instantly make them biologically neutral. One 10-second treatment conditions devices for about 30 days. 

Balance your environment, wherever you go:

The Bioplates work by  creating a ideal natural photon-ion balance, giving your body access to natural, balanced frequencies.
Take your body back in time by surrounding it with an ocean of beneficial, natural, balanced ions.  
When your body can focus on restoring, rebuilding and energizing, the results you feel can be quite amazing.  

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