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S4 Bioplates

S4 Bioplates

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M5 Bioplate 5-stack
M5 Bioplate 5-stack

S4 Bioplates

Lifetime EMF conditioning for you, your loved ones and your environment and devices. Coverage includes 5G and approx. 1000 sq. ft home. 

The S4 4" Bioplates are a gentle way to protect and restore. Creates a healthy buble for your home, buffering frequencies up to 5G using the diffuser. Can be used to condition you, your devices and home. Create a mobile healing spa effect wherever you go. Coverage for up to about 1000 sq. ft home.
Three main restorative & benefit functions:
Your Body, your environment and your Devices:

Reduce stress caused by harmful electromagnetic radiation so you can move better, think clearer, sleep sounder and recovery quicker. To experience restorative energy, point the BioPlates towards you or wear them on your person with our custom vest.
Have confidence knowing your body is at peace, shielded from the stressful effects of electromagnetic radiation.

The S4 BioPlate kit includes:

• The S4 Bioplates - a 3-stack of plates 4" square.
• A protective hand-pocket to hold the Bioplates
• A flexible mirror sheet - for increasing the benefits 4-fold when conditioning areas of the body
• An ActiveVest for wearing the vest on your body
• An instruction manual to answer any questions you may have on specific uses.
• A photon diffuserthat sits on top of the Bioplates to create the healing biosphere in your home. 

Protect your home:

• Strengthen your biofield & allow your body systems to restore its optimal potential
• Balance the EMF environment you are exposed at home and on the go.
• Condition any devices so they are now biocompatible. Your cell, laptops, tablets, personal items including jewelry, appliances, furniture, etc

Invest in a lifetime of protection.
Powered by light, the S4 Bioplates can protect
you and  your loved ones for decades.

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S4 BioPlates


S4 Bioplates provide portable 5G protection to your person, your environment and the ability to condition your devices to be EMF neutral..

EMF causes interference and a slowdown in the body's ability to heal, as the EMF interference diverts some of the bodies biophoton resources away from healthy functioning and healing processes.
Using the Bioplates buffers the EMF so that you body doesn't see any of the harmful frequencies.
Reduce stress caused by harmful electromagnetic radiation pollution so you can move better, think clearer, sleep sounder and recover quicker.
BioPlates are powered by photons (light particles) and do not require batteries, recharging, or external power. They will never wear out or need recharging. We have some early prototype plates that have been in the field for 25+years, still producing 100 % beneficial power.

Ideal for people who want to feel energized again, who strive for optimal health and for those wishing to return to their more youthful energy. Excellent for those who live and work in high EMF environments, athletes, EHS sufferers, and those struggling with wellness issues.
Your body has an amazing ability to function at high levels when stray EMF are balanced and Bioplates create this environment. The results you will feel, are entirely your body responding to the beneficial EMF free bubble created around you.

Safe: There is no way to 'overdose' exposure with the plates. Because the plates are only creating an environment around you, the response your body has, is purely dictated by individual. The most the created environment can do, is allow your body to rise to its optimal performance.  

The BioPlate environment will take your desire for healthy living to the next level with confidence. 

Included kit:

S4 Bioplate kit includes:
• A 4" 4-stack Bioplate -weighs a lightweight 13oz
• Reflective mylar that increases the personal benefit by 4x when conditioning areas on the body
• An active vest for wearing on your person
• A hand pouch for protecting and easy holding the Bioplates for longer periods of time. 
• Instruction manual - explains the many potential uses, how to set it up, using the mylar & Enhancer to best benefit.
• A photon diffuser that sits on top of the Bioplates to create the healing biosphere in your home. 


Create an EMF oasis around your body and home.

The S4 Bioplates can condition your  electronics, cell & wireless devices, or be used with your body directly to condition against EMF.

Wear the Bioplates on your person with our ActiveVest (included), under your pillow at night, sitting on your night table or pointed at you while you work. Create your own MedBed experience with your portable Bioplates. Target specific areas like inflammation, pain or injuries, cuts and burns. The Bioplates create a bubble around the focus area so that the body can restore wellness. 

The included vest can be worn over a tee-shirt and the BioPlates slide into a pocket on the back. The face of the BioPlates, (indicated by the notch on the front plate) should point in towards the body. This focuses the biophoton stream through the body, towards the thymus, heart and lungs which then carries the oxygen rich benefits to the rest of the body.

Instantly creates structured water- either by painting over a glass or pitcher of water, or setting a glass on top of the plates for a moment. Can also treat soil, plants and pets. Creates structured air - condition the oxygen molecules to be absorbed by living system. All of nature will benefit.

Have the confidence to know your body is at peace, shielded from the stressful effects of electromagnetic (EM) pollution.


Bioplates provide a wide variety of benefits seen in other specific therapies:

•  PEMF & Red light therapy:  Point bioplates at areas where you would have red light or PEMF therapy and get the relief you need. Because the plates are buffering a wide spectrum of EMF and providing a torrent of available biophotons at the specific location, penetrating deep into tissue. With the optimal light frequencies rushing in a torrent, your body can access what it needs to focus on restorative rebuilding  and wellness
• Acupuncture -put the plates over areas of concern;  pain, inflammation or other issues, and get similar results as acupuncture. The Bioplates are stimulating the pinpoint areas to help the body reestablish connection and energy flow again. 
• Condition and stimulate your biofields
• Grounding;  Bioplates create the same balancing effect that mirrors grounding in your body. Quickly calm your bio-systems and harmonize your body to earths frequencies simply by wearing or being near the Bioplates. 

• Safe for any age - expectant moms, and newborns to age 130+. Safe for use with medical implants or those on medication. 
•  **We also have larger Bioplate units (sized 7" & 12" square). These will condition larger homes, multiple homes on the property with 100+acre, or  commercial  spaces beyond 10,000 sq.feet. 
                      We also have new innovations for agriculture . Contact us for your specific application.
 • Bioplates are portable and safe for 24/7 use. Will also benefit your garden,  pets and house plants. With the enhancer on top of  the bioplates, this creates clean, structured air & water instantly. Water as it leaves the faucet for showers, bath water, drinking or watering the garden, all are structured instantly.  For focused structured water on the go,  simply paint over a pitcher of water or pass your glass overtop for a few seconds. 


Temperature: and magnetism :

Best operating temperature range is between 50°F and 100°F. When out and about, wearing against or near the body will keep the plates in the correct temperature range. Outside the temperature range, the molecules in the steel will expand or contract and this will obstruct the molecular network. The plates will have reduced power until the temperature comes back into that range at which time they will begin functioning 100% again.   No permanent damage can occur if left in extreme temperatures.
Magnetism, even a faint magnetic field, will ‘turn off’ the BioPlate. Make sure any necklace clasps, wallets or nearby metal in belts or clothing is not magnetic.  This also applies to placing the plates on a table. Make sure to find a neutral area 4-6 inches from any metal. Using a simple orienteering compass will detect magnetism by the movement of the needle more than 3 degrees. 

Neutralizing effects:

If you have both our pendant and a BioPlate and are wearing or using BioPlates in conjunction with the pendant, be sure they are pointing to a different part of the body. The devices should never point at each other because the effects will cancel each other out. The interference doesn’t affect the devices themselves, so as soon as you point them away from each other, their full performance is immediately restored

No Known Negative Effects:

Over our 25+ years of research, development and field testing, there have been no instances of negative effects on any biological systems; people, plants or animals. BioPlates are perfectly safe and only produce a positive beneficial environment for the body, to function in.

Lifetime energy guarantee:

Since the plates is photon powered, they will maintain 100% of its healthy energy benefits for many decades. This is something that you can pass on to your loved ones.


 The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not evaluated any of the statements or contents related to this product. The information contained herein is classified as  entertainment and is  NOT intended, nor should it be used, to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent, or mitigate any disease or condition. BioOasis  and its affiliates makes no such claim or connection that any BioOasis product is suitable to treat any disease or condition.

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Sleep better, think clearer and support natural cellular recovery with the BioOasis S4 BioPlates! Are you worried about increasing electromagnetic frequencies affect on your health? Are you fighting viral infections? BioPlates mitigate the negative effects and support your vital systems. Natural, chemical free support.